Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Ready? Set? Craft!

Well, it is January, everyone! That means it is the start of the first project of the SUGAR Crafts! Yahoo!!!!!! So, since it's January, the color for this month is red because of the birthstone "Garnet."

I don't know aboutu anyone else, but I've started knitting like mad!!! Here is my progress report...in pictures!

My scarf in dubbing for this and another project; The Red Scarf Project. What you do is you make a red scarf, about 15-20 sts and about 60 inch. long for an orphan. It is amazing how many there are. These go to orphans that never got 'picked' and they are going through life knowing that no one wanted them. Well, this little project shows them that people do care for them!! It is a good cause! Now, you don't have to do any fancy knitting (I'm just doing k3, p3 [knit three, purl three] over and over again). It is the thoughts behind the present that makes it awesome!

If you want to do it, it isn't to late. Just go to
The Red Scarf Project 2007

Now it probably would take you a little while to do, but it is for a good cause!

See ya on the flip side!



Anonymous said...

Gimme a little more time, until it looks something...lol
I have not done in a while..like in years, so until it takes form of something....lol
I will..

How about you..what are your plans... I will share at the blog this message..
Love, Fe

Linda T. said...

Pretty red scarf. I can't knit (although I used to), but am an avid crocheter. Does it matter what I make? As long as it is red?
Linda T.

Anonymous said...

Correct! You can make anything! I am crocheting too!!

Love, MzFe

Bonnie said...

Right now Im making polymer clay items. I have cookie cutters of dogs that I make different color canes and slice them and put them on a black background. Also doing lacing with plastic lace going to make dog leads for when I show my Dachshunds.